About us

Our Origin

The outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020 confined us to our own houses, enveloping us in an air of suffocating monotony. Back then, Charlie was a student at the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor studying remotely at home due to the pandemic. During this period of solitude, Charlie grew determined that everyone deserves a yogic lifestyle, even under the bleak reality. To convey his message, Charlie chose air treatment products in households as the medium, blending in a touch of soothing aqua into the appliances’ designs. Meanwhile, Charlie drew inspiration from luxury clothing, therefore, elegance and nobility had become his antithesis to home appliances’ predominating monochromatic color schemes. With the brand concept “Sprinkle color in all yourself,” Charlie hopes to invigorate everyone not to be bothered by the bleak moments, and instead to embrace the glorious world.

Our Style

Guided by his unique perspective, Charlie challenges home appliances’ predominating monochromatic color schemes, adopting aqua and various color tones in his product design instead. With his products, Charlie hopes to “Sprinkle color in all yourself,” invigorating every individual to embrace the glorious world. Charlie’s BUBLUE is unique for achieving a balance between appearing gorgeous and being practical. BUBLUE represents a liberation: the brand transforms a field that is previously monochromatic into a stage for diversified aesthetics, bringing about freedom of choice for our generation. Essentially, youths’ pursuit of beauty and elegance is central to BUBLUE’s philosophy.

Our Logo

Orcas are central to BUBLUE’s product designs: they epitomize wisdom and symbolize the perpetual pursuit of freedom, romance, bravery, and uniqueness. Additionally, the orca’s pulsating tail resembles the petals of a lotus, which are delicately pure and elegantly modest. Both the design elements of orca and lotus align with BUBLUE’s ideal—to lead a free, gentle, and holy life.